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Derek Best has contributed to several publications, including Macleans Magazine Canada, and Omni Magazine, USA. He is has also produced many documentary films for Television. For many years, he has been interested in A Course in Miracles, a metaphysical thought system, and maintains the official website for that organization. "ACIM", he says "is central to my personal way of seeing the world." This site is strictly personal however. Derek has an eclectic range of interests, and writes about them here as the mood strikes him.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Funeral Service Over

The cremation service was Friday morning at 10 am. Right after the summer solstice. It went smoothly but I don't feel like talking about it because it really is a rather private topic. I did stand up and acknowledge all who very kindly came to say godbye, including Jean, Nigel, Julian, Nava, Barbara, Sister Jennifer. Thank you all so much. I also specifically mentioned some people who I knew wished they could come, but couldn't make it. This included mother's friend Joann, who sent a poem, and her late sister Joyce, and my father Benjamin who passed away 50 years ago. Also many thanks to Golda who I know was saying prayers for mom, and to Chris who was doing likewise.
Also many thanks to all my friends and acquaintances in the US who sent email letters of support and sympathy.
Today Sunday I came home via Toronto, and wept most of the way. Glad the week is over; from where I stand it seems like just about the worst week of my life. Also glad to be out of London which seemed like a noisy, unruly, hateful place. I miss you, mom.