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Derek Best has contributed to several publications, including Macleans Magazine Canada, and Omni Magazine, USA. He is has also produced many documentary films for Television. For many years, he has been interested in A Course in Miracles, a metaphysical thought system, and maintains the official website for that organization. "ACIM", he says "is central to my personal way of seeing the world." This site is strictly personal however. Derek has an eclectic range of interests, and writes about them here as the mood strikes him.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Still traveling. I have now reached a vast and torrid land, devoid of life; where overweight natives line the landscape with sad flags and crosses, to ward off the arid emptiness. To live here is to be in isolation, hoping for private pockets of meaning.


Anonymous Javier Cuñarro said...

I attended the Holy instant shared with John and Lois and the people present then here in Montevideo, and was by then undergoing deep trouble, financially, emotionally, and in many other aspects in me.

John said I had a mind like his, for some comments I made then and my understanding of the spiritual aspects being treated.

I am very enthusiastic about the course, but since my spiritual experiences were misunderstood as I was a young teenager, I received undue egotherapy and medication that, although I see the purpose in it, which was my understanding of such kind of treatment experience, rendered me too critical from the ego, though never made me abandon the path.

I have a better understanding now, having set aside all the ego critical judgement that projected to other people the apparent failure into developing as I would have willed, since I retain the will, can resort to atonement, forgivance, and true empathy through which I can truly respond to reality with the help of the Holy Spirit, not endlessly falling into the kind of symbolic loop interpretation of words and circumstances I trapped myself in all the time.

I want to thank you and state that some day I wish, if it is God´s will, to collaborate in the atonement, teaching and learning of forgivance, and opening divine revelation to all anywhere in any time-space-circumstance-ideology setting, in direct cooperation with you.

Thank you with all my heart, spirit and mind for the effects of the course in me, which have brought me closer to what I am, and so to realize what I have, and now allow me to share in a closer way to what has always been my will.

3:53 PM  


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